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VFD Symmetrical Lean TR

VFD Symmetrical

VFD symmetrical Lean TR is a flexible shielded motor supply cable designed for automated servo systems. The VFD symmetrical Lean TR contains a symmetrical arraignment of three phase leads and three tinned copper (PE) earth wires. The symmetrical placement of three phase leads and three earth wires insures proper earthing paths and minimizes the risk of motor failure from common-mode current. Also machine-tool cable for use as specified in the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and in the National Fire Protection Association Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery (NFPA 79). This cable can be used without conduit (exposed runs). Its unique flame retardant jacket makes the VFD symmetrical Lean TR rated for 600V suitable for tray cable application and also as Control and Instrumentation Cable, UL and CSA AWM approved for 1000 Volt. The VFD symmetrical Lean TR has an outer PVC jacket and both a foil and a braid shield which helps with problems related to voltage spikes, harmonics, and power distortions frequently associated with variable frequency drives. The VFD symmetrical Lean TR can be used to connect alternating current variable frequency drives to alternating current variable frequency motors and is approved for up to 50’ of open wiring to make installations less cumbersome. This motor supply cable is also suitable for installation in wet or dry locations and is UV resistant. The VFD symmetrical Lean TR can be used in indoor or outdoor applications and is rated for direct burial. The combination of the braid and foil shield makes the VFD symmetrical Lean TR 100% shielded from excessive interference. VFD symmetrical Lean TR is permitted to be used in hazardous (classified)
locations class I, Division 2 per NEC Article 501.4 (B), UL Type TC is in acc. to UL standard 1277 and NEC Article 336 (392, 501). Wind turbine power and control cable is intended to be installed in cable trays or raceways within a wind turbine generator. MTW listed cables can be used in NFPA 79 Machine areas.

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