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SAB Industrial Automation Cables

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation deals primarily with the automation of manufacturing, quality control and material handling processes. SAB North America can help you find and select the correct cable for your specific application. Click on one of the brochures below to find cables more specific to your application. 

For clarifications, details or explanations about our products and how they can be used in your specific applications, give us a call. Our technical staff stands ready to assist you with your wire and cable needs.


  • SAB Cables for Automation Industry

    SAB North America offers the most different cables for automation industry. Are you looking for a flexible data or control cable, a motor connection cable with or without total screening or a transmission cable? Our broad product range offers cables for the most different requirements. Look inside the brochure for a small sampling of our popular automation cables.

    In case that you don't 
    find the right cable , our experts will develop a specialty cable especially for you and provide the optimum solution!

  • SAB Cleanroom CablesThe SAB Clean Room Cables are used for clean room applications. It doesn´t matter if it is applied for semiconductor production, in machines for display manufacturing, in devices of biological or medical technique or in food or medicine industry. The SAB Clean Room Cables correspond to the highest requirements acc. to ISO 14644-1 and US Federal Standard 209 E.

  • SABIX UltraFire protection has never been so flexible. SAB SABIX Ultra series combines halogen free construction with new standards that provides the highest fire protection. SAB SABIX Ultra is a NEW line that proves fire protection has never been so flexible. Flexible, non-toxic, halogen-free cable for use in cable tracks, as a fire protection for railway and airport industries, or applications requiring personal protection.

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