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For the specialty cable you need, SAB is the place to look:

Full product catalog (37.76mb PDF download) - Updated August 2012
Zipped full product catalog (32.55mb PDF download) - Updated August 2012


Flexible Control Cables Flexible control cables are for use with control on machinery, conveyors, control panels, assembly and production lines, and equipment building and processing equipment. SAB Flexible oil resistant Control Cables are designed to minimize downtime and save money by providing a long service. SAB Flexible Control Cables feature a tight bending radius and smaller diameters for increased versatility.

Continuous Flex Cables SAB Continuous Flex Cables are designed to provide optimal functionality where alternate bending and continuous motion is required; the cable is perfectly suited for applications ranging from heavy-duty power and control to ultra-sensitive data communications. SAB Continuous Flex Cables have a long service life and can offer a high resistance to abrasion and chemical reaction.

Torsion Cables Flexible robotic cables designed for twisting applications on robotic arms and other applications that require rotary motion. They are ideally suited for transmitting control signals and/or power to such applications as welding robots, rotary tables, and other high-speed, heavy-duty automated applications. SAB North America can provide the most advanced torsion cables currently available, either from stock or manufactured to specific requirements.

Flexible Specialty Cables With innovations in the world of control, robotics and automation rapidly advancing, SAB North America maintains a stock of the most current flexible specialty cables, and can quickly provide custom manufactured cable designed to meet the most demanding design specs and applications. In stock specialty cables for highly Chemical Resistant applications, Reeling Cable, and Solar Cable.

Tray Cables/VFD Cables Flexible UL Listed Tray cables and VFD Cables are intended for use within control systems, machinery, conveyors, control panels, assembly and production lines, equipment building and processing equipment. SAB Tray Cables are designed to minimize downtime and save money by providing extremely long service life. SAB Tray Cables feature a tight bending radius are UL Listed, MTW rated and approved for exposed run (ER).

Data Cables SAB North America offers a wide range of general-purpose data cables designed to meet or exceed the requirements of high-speed data communications.

Servo Motor Cables SAB North America Servo Motor Cables are for utilization in continuous flex and static applications. SAB Servo Cables are well suited in applications such as cable tracks, handling equipment, pick-and-place units, gantry robots, machine tools, CNC machinery and etc. They are available in combinations of power, signal, feedback and control configurations.

European Standardized Cables Harmonized PVC hook up wires, harmonized PVC cordage manufactured to the European Union's (EU's) Harmonized standards. (HAR)

Silicone Cables High-temperature resistant flexible silicone cables. Variations for use in extreme heat and cold. Note: SAB's SC 500 HDTR is the only silicone cable featuring UL, CSA, and CE approvals. SAB's Silicone cables are ideally suited for foundries, glass manufacturing, steel mills and other high temperature processes.

Bus Cables SAB Flexible Bus Cables are designed for a wide variety of industrial communication applications, including those requiring power, sensor, and data communications. SAB also offers a complete range of Bus Cables in Halogen-Free materials.

Halogen-Free Cables SAB Halogen-Free Cable is manufactured for applications in which insulation with low smoke generation, low toxicity, and low corrosiveness is a necessity. Learn more about Halogen.

ETFE, FEP, & PFA Cables SAB ETFE, FEP, & PFA cables have extended temperature-range resistance, making them suitable for clean rooms and other demanding applications.

Compensating and Extension Cables Temperature is an important factor in many areas concerning the environment, scientific research and production. It is a thermodynamic variable that defines the heat content of a material. Material strength changes with alternating temperature. As a consequence, the characteristics of materials have to be examined at different temperatures. To obtain a temperature value, defined temperature parameters are used. Here the parameters can be defined, for example, as the freezing and boiling points of water.

Cable Accessories SAB Cord Grips and Conduit Fittings are liquid tight and come in metallic and non-metallic composition. Optional EMC grounding connectors are available.

The specialty cable you need, when you need it.

SAB North America is a supplier of cable solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, and we continue to set new standards in the flexible cable market.  We help ensure our customers' success by providing everything they need: product, experience, speed, service, and an unwavering dedication to quality.


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