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SAB North America Goes to IMTS 2014

SAB North America is giving our customers an inside look at our display during the IMTS Show in Chicago, IL. Sales Manager, Andy Cassese, gives a breif overview of some products SAB offers. For more information on any of the products you see in the video, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 866-722-2974.


Click here to see SAB North America at IMTS.

SAB VFD Cables featured on cover of New Equipment Digest

Front_Cover_June_NED.jpgSAB North America was featured on the cover of New Equipment Digest's June Edition. 

"SAB North America now stocks a comprehensive new line of VFD cables with different insulation, jacketing materials, and conductor designs that will meet the majority of your drive application requirements. Included in the line are two symmetrical cable designs: one for larger drives and one with improved flexibility for smaller drives. Additionally to complete the offering, SAB’s VFD cable products now include XLPE insulated cables from 16 AWG to 500 KCMIL.  Furthermore, every cable needs to be grounded properly to suppress “noise”, so complete your installation with a SAB EMC grounding gland for the “COMPLETE SAB SOLUTION.” 

The benefits of this range include: 

  • Products for shorter and longer installations 
  • Symmetrical designs for 16-500 KCMIL 
  • VFD cables & EMC-2 grounding connectors in stock with no mins 
  • Cable selection charts with grounding connector for easy specification 

The VFD cables are for ½ to 200+HP drives "

View our brochure with rich technical data regarding our 5 styles of VFD cable.

Locknuts now included and new smart P/N's for SAB's Cord Grips

SAB North America offers a complete line of Metric, PG, and NPT Cord Grip fittings that compliment SAB's full offering of cable products. Effective immediately, the locknut will be included with CG 100 Metric and PG threads. Inventory has been enhanced to accommodate new business. 

We offer a ONE stop solution for cable installation.

We have updated our part numbers for our cord grip line of products. We are working to make it easier for you - the customer. Our new smart part numbering system will make it easier to identify the product by incorporating the type and thread size of the cord grip.


Cord Grip Part Numbers


*There have been no changes to the design or look of the cord grips.


Download our cross reference guide!

SAB North America Featured in Windpower Engineering & Development

SAB North America Featured in Windpower Engineering & Development

SAB North America was featured in Windpower Engineering & Development for our EMC-4 Cord Grips and Lock Nuts. Windpower Engineering & Development is an online and in print publication exploring renewable energy issues, specifically wind power issues. They cover topics such as OEM design, turbine installation, plant maintenance, energy policy (including RES/RPS issues) and the latest project developments in the wind energy market. They chose our product because of the outstanding features that are great for applications in the renewable energy industry.


Please

Machine Design Features SAB North America

Machine Design Features SAB North America

Machine Design featured SAB North America in a piece about our EMC-4 Cord Grips and Lock Nuts in both their print and digital copy of their January 17, 2013 issue. Machine Design editors and research staff keep a constant look toward supplying information to the design engineers by providing current, extensive intelligence through their digital and print publications. Please go to page 91 to view SAB North America’s feature article.

Machine Design features SAB North America

VFD Symmetrical Lean TR

The SAB VFD Symmetrical Lean TR Multi Core Cable features a symmetrical arrangement of the three phase leads and three tinned copper PE ground wires. This results in uniform conductor to ground impedance and capacitance which will minimize the risk of motor failure due to improper common mode current flow. The combination of both foil and tinned copper braided shields provide 100% shielding against both high and low frequency noise as well as providing low shield impedance.

SAB is a proven leader in the development and manufacturing of flexible cables and continuous flex cables for over 60 years. SAB’s adherence to product quality and customer service has proven itself in thousands of the world’s most demanding Robotic and Automated applications.

SAB North America Covers New Ground...

That’s right -- new ground and more of it; we have moved to a new location. Same town, same state but a new and bigger building. We are now in a space that is 33% larger than before. It has been laid out to be more efficient for how we work and also has plenty of room for us to keep growing. The new building also allowed us to create a whole new floor plan in the office & warehouse utilizing 100% of the floor space, thus creating an actual capacity increase of over 40%.

We now are located at 344 Kaplan Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004. The front end of the building is where we have all of our offices.

The warehouse, with its increased space, allows us to work more efficiently. We also installed high efficiency high bay fixtures on motion sensors; this has cut our electricity usage in half.


SAB now offers CC 600 CY Lean



A new year is upon us which means it is time to work out those annual budgets.  SAB North America can help!  We have developed a competitively priced CC 600 CY Lean product which help reduce cable costs while offering the same high quality SAB product you have been accustomed to.  SAB’s CC 600 CY Lean is a 600 Volt, 90°C, oil resistant, PVC jacketed control cable with UL and CSA approvals.  SAB’s CC 600 CY offers a reduced nominal overall diameter compared to our very popular CC 600 CY.  This reduced overall diameter will equate to an even smaller bending radius.  A smaller bend radius will give you more room to work within those tight spaces while our competitive prices will give you more room to work within your budget.

Happy New Year from SAB North America!!

Do not forget to ask your SAB Representative about our aggressive lead times on our entire product line.



Do you have the right people working with you? At SAB North America we have the right people working on our team.

Recently my nephew asked me what he thought was a simple question. He wanted to know if I thought it was better to pay sales people more commission or base salary? His company feels that if the employee was paid a high base salary they would not be motivated to work. Right away this reminded me of something I had read regarding having the right people on your team. I responded to my nephew stating that as far as I was concerned it was more important to whom I am paying than how I am paying them. In my 20 plus years of managing employees it is clear to see that if the right person is employed they will work hard either way. In the end the issue of a compensation package is not to get the wrong person to work the right way but rather to get the right person to work with you in the first place. 

Kevin Marston is SAB North America’s managing director and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

SAB now offers PB 640 AND PB 640 UL

SAB now offers PB 640 AND PB 640 UL

“Flexible Fast Connect Profibus-DP Cable”

Profibus DP was designed for high speed data exchange at the field level. This is where central programmable controllers such as PLC’s PC’s or process control systems, communicate with distributed field devices such as I/O modules, drives, valves transducers or analysis devices over a fast serial connection in a factory environment. SAB now brings to market a “Flexible Fast Connect” PVC insulated cable in both a UL and non UL version. The “Fast Connect” technology improves assembly time in the field and eliminates connection errors. For a full spec sheet for PB 640 or PB 640 UL please visit our web site at or contact your SAB sales associate.

SAB Achieves UL “WTTC” Approval

SAB tray cables and flexible motor supply cables have achieved the UL WTTC approval in accordance with UL subject 2277.

SAB North America announced that its full line of tray cables and flexible motor supply cables are approved by Underwriters Laboratories as Wind Turbine Tray Cables with 1000 volt rating and operating temperature designed to meet the UL WTTC subject 2277 standard.

SAB has a wide range of cables with insulation/jacket/shielding options that meet and exceed the WTTC standards.

For additional information contact SAB North America TOLL FREE at 866-722-2974 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Here at SAB North America we strive for excellence in customer service, which means getting you what you need when you need it. Look for our new mailing that just went out this month….

This is just a reminder that SAB North America is BETTER & FASTER than the competition with COMPETITVE PRICING. We have the highest quality products and the best service in the business. In addition to our large in-stock inventory we have the fastest manufacturing turnaround times in the industry and our stock items ship same day. Also we do not require minimum quantities or dollar amounts on stock items and we have the most competitive pricing for standard and special cables. Give us a call or e-mail us so we can show you our best service. TOLL FREE 866-722-2974 or

SAB now offers S910 CP

SAB now offers S910 CP

The S 910 CP is a great new addition to our halogen free cables. This cable is a highly flexible single conductor cable that can be used in cable tracks. It is shielded with tin copper braiding that is good against electrical interference (EMI/EMC), which is useful in places that have multiple electrical devices running. With good chemical resistance (acids, alkalines, solvents, hydraulic liquids etc.), and high abrasion resistance it is ideal in a factory setting. It comes standard with a safety orange jacket and by request can be made with a green-yellow insulation. Check out the other specs on this new offering. Download the spec sheet.

How SAB Cable Gets to You

How SAB Cable Gets to You

Here at SAB North America we receive sea freight containers from Germany every few weeks and air freight shipments a couple of times a week! The first picture shows our normal 40 foot trailer full of SAB cable to stock and have on hand ready for our customers.

Immediately upon arrival our warehouse crew gets right to work and unloads all of the cable from the container. 

Once unloaded it is then scanned into our inventory and either put into stock, or shipped directly to our customers.

When an order is placed the cable reel is pulled, sent as is or we cut to length to accommodate the customer's needs.

The spools are then packed up and prepared to be shipped by any number of freight companies that we deal with on a daily basis. 

In most cases the order is picked, cut and out the door to you, our customer, the same day as the order is placed.

SAB now offers CC 600 MTW

SAB now offers CC 600 MTW

(in compliance with new NFPA 79 Standards)

The CC 600 MTW and CC 600 MTW CY Flexible Control Cables are new additions to our catalog. The introduction of these new MTW rated cables expand our selection of products which already have an MTW rating. These new cables allow us to continue to answer the needs of customers who must comply with the 2007 NFPA 79 Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery. For a full list of our products which are MTW rated please contact your SAB Sales Representative.

SAB Cable 101: Back to Basics

SAB Cable 101: Back to Basics

Q. Are there recommended guidelines for installing continuous flex cables into a cable track?

A. The laying of cables in cable track has to be done carefully. In general the following points have to be considered: 

  1. It is recommended to lay the cables separately side by side. In cases where cables with different diameters are laid on top of each other, we recommend the use of separators.
  2. Cables with an outer diameter < 0.394 inches (10mm) that cannot be installed with separators should be loosely placed in a guide hose in the cable track. The section of the hose has to be considerably bigger than the sum of all cable sections.
  3. The cables should be movable in the separator. There must be 10% free space between the cable diameters and also the internal dimensions of the cable track, for safety reasons.
  4. Please make sure that the cables do not exceed the bend radius. In cases where there are several layers of cables the cables need adequate clearance at the bending point.
  5. The laying of the cables in the cable track has to be torsion free. (non-rotational) Therefore the cables must be unwound from the reels before being installed. (Do not lift off of the reels in loops).
  6. The weight arrangement in the cable track or in the links has to be done symmetrically, with the heavy cables laid towards the outside of the cable track and the smaller ones in the middle.
  7. All cables have to be strain relieved at the fixed point and at the driving feature. There should only be large surface pressure on the outer jacket. Pay close attention to how the cables are clamped to avoid any squeezing of the conductors and any displacement of the cable.
  8. Generally only cables rated for continuous flex should be used in C-track applications. Also, the recommended bending radius for the particular SAB cable being used, needs to be strictly adhered too.

Introduction of Ethernet CAT 5 data cables

Introduction of Ethernet CAT 5 data cables

Our new CAT 5 Ethernet, Profibus Cable for the Automation Industry is finely stranded and is offered in both flexible control and continuous flex construction. It is available in a standard green outer jacket as well as other colors upon request. The jacket for this cable can be either PVC or an extra durable Polyurethane Jacket. This cable is designed with a high signal integrity commonly used for installations in Computer Networking, Basic Voice Services and ATM Machines.


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