The most dogmatic country SYRIA". Following stricter immigration laws passed in 1976, Pakistan immigration to Norway shifted from the arrival of new immigrants, to family reunifications, in which Pakistani Norwegians could apply for their close relatives and/or spouses to immigrate to Norway. traffickers are making money. More than 400 Pakistani citizens have applied for asylum in Norway during the current year. The Norwegian Ship Registers NIS/NOR P.O. You forgot to mention that Norway gives them money when they go home. Citizenship and Immigration Service reports. India is not there. Most doctor's offices are open from 8:00 to 15:00. I am working with Donald Trumps. But yea there is your reason. For very popular posts, employers may only consider those applicants who also meet the desired criteria outlined on the perso… The patient-doctor relationship is a privileged one that depends on the patient’s trust in the doctor’s professional conduct. @Another Indian I can say the same things about you guys. Read the history of Komagata Maru ship. [4] Most of these immigrants were young men that came from areas surrounding the town of Kharian, in Pakistan's Punjab province, though later waves included a high number of workers from Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city. It belongs to us. Norway is known for handing out The Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo every year by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. As for all the illegal refugees smuggling themselves into Europe, it's unfair to say that some refugee living safely in a camp in Turkey should be allowed but some poor kid from Chad should not be lead in. Rishta Pakistan is a free Pakistani marriage proposals service for local and overseas Pakistanis. [7], By excluding part-time employment the statistics also showed that in 2017, males born in Norway with Pakistani heritage aged 30–39 had 16 percentage points lower employment compared to Norwegians.[7]. Believe it or not most Pakistanis just want to go about their daily lives, raising their families & kids just like ourselves. Government does not operate or do their job honestly. But they will never show you that news. Fraudlent application for asylum will only get you deported and blacklisted. Once it is settled to our satisfaction, there will not be any refugees as the country will prosper beyond the wildest dreams of well wishers. One side of the world is prosperous and happy and the other side is suffering. The Medical Council gives guidance on all matters related to professional conduct and ethics for registered doctors and this guide is regularly updated Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Doctors.pdf. @CALCUTTA MAN Read some of my posts above with links. @Mahen - It's shame you call it obsession with Kashmir, in realty Kashmir is the integral part of Pakistan, watch in a decade or so Kashmir will be life line of Pakistan otherwise you can see what happening with indian Muslims ! Europe has the highest, led by Monaco, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands, each with between 20 and 40 psychiatrists per 100,000 people. But we will certainly consider all possibilities to reduce the number of people crossing the border without a visa.”. Moreover scores of Indians are also coming back to India. people seek asylum becuase respective country (for example norway) gives them permit to stay there and allows to work like normal citizen. One can gain many opportunities in Pakistan and live a decent life - Pakistan has many potentials, Glad they were deported they should work hard in Pakistan instead of running away everything they need is here if they work hard and do things proper, @Another Indian same reason why Hindus leave India to work in Muslim countries. "[11] This development can be explained by the fact that Pakistani Norwegians today have more potential marriage partners to choose among in Norway, and with the increasing participation of Pakistani Norwegians in higher education.[11]. She is elected to the parliament from Oslo, and is (2018) vice chair of the Labour Party. There is no future in pakistan. You cant buy a jeans here with that small amount and they were trying to start a new life! No one but they have the right figures. @ayush conspiracy theorists at work again. Private Care Doctors. Norwegian authorities consider that most of those currently crossing the border are not fleeing from civil war or persecution. Pvt. You will find a 'person specification' on all jobs advertised on the site. Afshan Rafiq is a former member of Stortinget for Conservative Party. Pls u/stand the difference......... “I believe that Norway should take up the issue with Russia and persuade its embassy to change its visa policy,” Mr Ghani said. Not just for Norway, but for all of Schengen, which is basically all of Europe except UK. The Pakistani Norwegian community does not vote as a bloc for any particular party in Norway. [13], Also fewer and fewer first-generation Pakistani Norwegians, ie Pakistani immigrants in Norway, obtain spouses from abroad. @Kashif You are absolutely right. Dont waste your time and money. All of you who comments are settled in life and having stomach full.That;s why it's easy for you to only comments and give suggestion without solution.Have you ever thought that these young guys who just opened their eyes in life why they are skipping their native country and leaving their loved ones and selling their mother or sister jewellery or their land to reach for better life in an alien land.Than when they can't reach their destination and are deported how they feel.This because our so called Leaders did not do any thing for us.They only care for their Swiss and EU and American Accounts.So if these people are following their national wealth so what's wrong in it.Any reply???????????????? why do Indians leave their own country ? They are desperate. @YOUKNOWIMRIGHT you are absolutely wrong. “It is a matter of great concern that the number of Sikh asylum cases are on the rise,” Chahal told India-West. Most of these people are those who cant find any real jobs at home, having nothing better to do, or just want to leave Pakistan and start a new life elsewhere. If I was in Pakistan I would apply for visa rather than asylum. Please send them in jail at least for 10 years. India is one of the leading country whose citizen leave their home country. To All those involved in India-Pak mudslinging: They must report to their welfare office, every day go to the available jobs notice board, if they don't accept jobs on offer then their welfare payments are cut down or completely off in some cases. Useless FIA again...and what an idea he has that they will ask Russian Embassy to not to give Visa so those who really want to go Russia for business or Tourism will not get one either.. So what is your reason for leaving the so called incredible India? Visiting address: Nygårdsgaten 114 5008 Bergen Pakistanis are peaceful people. You will see abundance of SUVs, palatial house and other luxurious stuff in these areas. has ever any body thought why people leave this country and even invest outside Pakistan . @Bing-Bud-A-Bang Yeah the number of 'political asylum seeker' is less as compared to others. To all the people (especially Indians) asking why Pakistanis want to leave the country, it's pretty simple, for a better economic life. The illegal Pakistanis tend to come from lower middle class backgrounds, whereas Indians tend to come from poor rural backgrounds. I am a norwegian and i feel so sorry for all these young people, using so much money on traffickers and everything else to come here, only to be deported. 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We cannot stop those who travel on legal documents,” he said. The govt should do something for the youth. If Pakistan is a sovereign country then why are people seeking asylum. @Another Indian Norway has a quota of about 5000 immigrants each year for this category, but there are rarely more than 3500 applicants each year. During profiling, we ask them the purpose of their visit abroad and why they want to go especially to Russia. This huge business. They are addressed as Sadar ji. every one knows the agents and govts give agents protection . Deeyah is the first mainstream recording artist of Pakistani heritage in Norway and is the first and only female World music producer of Norwegian Pakistani descent. But unfortunately the y have been defamed by outsiders. In 2012, 24 Pakistanis migrated to Norway by marrying a second-generation Pakistani Norwegian aged 18–23. To all Indians lecturing Pakistanis on asylum seekers. “Currently two types of people have been going to Russia. @asylum seeker pakistani Political asylum is for persons under persecution, due to political or religious belief or ethnic origin. Pakistanis should not seek asylum. According to a 2014 report, nearly 60% of Pakistani Norwegian women born in Norway are employed. [11], In 2014, 11 Pakistani spouses migrated to Norway by marrying a second-generation Pakistani Norwegians, aged 18–23. Also considering Indan population, it's 22 times more and increasing. Deeyah has been awarded the 2012 Ossietzky prize which is Norwegian PEN´s prize for outstanding achievements within the field of freedom of expression[21] In 2016 Khan became the inaugural UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Artistic Freedom and Creativity. L.S.M.F. its interesting how most of these "Asylum seekers" are from GT Road belt and not from actual trouble spots like Quetta and FATA. Either you let them all in or take none of the illegals. @Zubair wi dont this skillful guys then apply for a visa..hope you understand the meaning and rules of asylum. Normally these people are not arrested, they just need to tell the name of human smuggler to FIA immigration people and they will facilitate them. Talking to Dawn, Attaché (Migration) of Norwegian Embassy Torben Sveaass Kalland said that “between 20 and 30 Pakistanis have been deported during the past few weeks. I dare say not!! The … Pak govt is proud to have useless pile of nukes and its ministers lead a lavish lifestyle but no electricity ,no gas ,no jobs, no security no education for poor countrymen who are humiliated all over the world like this. The doctor is in and it is time for the 10 easiest countries to become a doctor.I have never wanted to be a doctor. Political asylum is something else. Compared to that no for Pak was 23,640 which increased to 26310 in 2013. It is a Pakistani Matrimonial online matchmaking site. Deeyah has produced Listen To The Banned,[18] Stop counting on govt for everything. @Padmakar You know it why. Reason, this area is most rich area of Pakistan thanks to remittance from europe and america. @Ahmer India has more poverty than Pakistan. They keep to themselves, and never pick up any fight with the host community. THE European Union and Britain have finally reached a deal that will govern the essentials of their post-Brexit... ONE indicator of the state Pakistan’s justice system is in is the figure of cases pending adjudication in the... PAKISTAN’s start to the two-match Test series against New Zealand today is clouded by uncertainty as the odds are... 50 Pakistani asylum seekers deported from Norway, EU warns of tough action against Pakistani migrants, Pakistan ready to take back own migrants illegally arriving in EU, Pakistan calls for urgent action to deal with forced migration, کووڈ 19 کی نشانیاں اس ترتیب سے ظاہر ہوتی ہیں, سال 2020 میں ہونے والے دہشت گردی کے واقعات, Gutsy Rahane century puts India in driving seat against Australia in 2nd Test, IOK police charge army officer with killing three labourers in staged gunfight, 7 soldiers martyred in terrorist 'fire raid' on FC post in Balochistan's Harnai: ISPR, 'The beginning of the end': Europe rolls out vaccines to see off pandemic, 'Business of selected and selection will end,' Bilawal vows at Larkana rally, Jamieson strikes as Pakistan stumble in reply to New Zealand's 431, Alia Bhatt, Sanjay Leela Bhansali land in legal trouble for upcoming film, 'No one really knows who I am, how I work, what I truly believe in,' says Churails' Yasra Rizvi, How to cook a hearty, piping hot serving of baked beans from scratch, Opposition's criticism similar to Indian propaganda, says PM Imran in Chakwal, Canadian govt asked to probe Karima’s death, Shehbaz would've been PM had he been disloyal to Nawaz: Maryam, IMF allows govt to delay sales, income tax measures, Gutsy India bounce back to skittle Australia in second Test, Rules violated in picking firm for evidence against Altaf, Erdogan says Turkey would like better ties with Israel, but terms its Palestine policy 'unacceptable', The highs, the lows and the bizarre: Top stories from the world of sports in 2020, Underage marriage: Looking back at the case of missing Arzoo, People call out Fahad Mustafa for terming Dunk 'a tribute to victims of false allegations'. I envy them too. It is an indictment on Pakistan that so many of its young men are seeking asylum elsewhere, but the hide and stupidity of so many Indians making snide comments here is astounding. They arrived in these countries because of their educational qualifications (Doctors, Nurses,Engineers, Computer programmers and other skilled people.) The word Izzat means honour in Urdu. Smells fishy? It shows that the number of people, who are trying to go to Norway illegally, has suddenly increased”. This requires more budget should be allocated for investment and education also make serious effort for population control. Most of these immigrants were young men that came from areas surrounding the town of Kharian, in Pakistan's Punjab province, though later waves included a high number of workers from Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city. They are not able to secure visas so that's why the illegal way or seeking asylum. Pakistani police said Zaman who was arrested last week during clashes between police and supporters of ex-premier Nawaz Sharif has been freed on bail. But 22 times more population from Pak seeks asylum. @Mahen indians are seeking asylum in large numbers as well, just not mentioned here. There are even more young Indian men and women who have fled their homeland for places like the US, Canada and Australia, where some suburbs have become Little India's. Hadia Tajik who was born in Norway of Pakistani parents became minister of culture in 2012. Wow! @Ahad Khan Hello leaving country and seeking asylum in another country is different. Changes at some of the Norwegian embassies in the summer of 2019; 27.03.2019. New rules for trainees from 1 September; 18.03.2019. Since 2006/07, she completely stopped performing as an artist, instead turning her focus to producing and composing music. Deeyah is also known for her outspoken activism for women's rights, peace and freedom of expression. FIA should arrest all human smugglers and bring them before courts and punish them accordingly. Please withdraw your lies and do something about taking back your illegals. The percentage of males marrying outside their ethnic group were slightly higher than among the females. @AliKhan would be grateful if you could please share the source of this information... @Krishna timesofindia, or just Google it. Ministry of interior should confiscate their passports and impose ban to travel on them completely. These people no way look like opressed and refugees. @Sudhir Neyalasinger you are very ignorant. The bitter truth is that both India and Pakistan are poor countries and the ruling class is corrupt forcing them to flee their homelands. If a person who intends to go to Russia has just $150 and it is confirmed that he never travelled even to Murree in the past we stop him from proceeding,” he said. Addresses NIS/NOR. I agree India is prominent (more than Pakistan) in the International world with some key influential people, but it boils down to proportions because we are summing up everybody. If you are going to work in an occupation for which recognition or authorisation is required (external website), you must have such recognition or authorisation.Health personnel, for example, must enclose an authorisation or licence from the Norwegian Directorate of Health (external website). Because there are bombs going on these days killing robberies and they are just going to increase. I guess it must be a Punjabi thing (from both sides of the border)! Asylum seekers ? @Sri Nearly 13,000 Indians applied for asylum in the last two years. Why should any eu countries allow Pakistanis in their countries.They are mostly uneducated and corrupt to the core.Eu should only allow people which will benefit their country and not become a burden to them. It will be for peace and humanity. of them came across the border from Russia. "The criminal gang, which charged Asian migrants over £15,000 for their journey from India via Moscow, is thought to have smuggled "thousands" of illegal immigrants in Britain over the last year and a half. for poor pakistanis and afghan people. (AP Photo/K.M. @Raj Nothing to do with IOK issue, that is for UN to hold plebiscite. Check the link to Telegraph newspaper article in one of my other posts. is only economic?? Province Male Female Total Male Female Total Male Female Total Punjab/Federal Area 29709 26200 55909 2059 3099 5158 511 54 565 Sindh 29031 27008 56039 1568 3100 4668 284 22 306 K.P.K 11104 5430 … Continue reading Registered Doctors Statistics in Pakistan … Now well over half are from other countries, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is a crime behind all these things...these criminals trap innocent poor people These uneducated (mostly) young men can work in fields or factories and will still make substantial money to support their families back home. with one word. Benefits for asylum seekers have been reduced and rules for family immigration are tightened. He should resign from his post .because they have already got visas after they do corruption they go for asylum them kind of officer should stop when they left from his job and banned them to travel for 5 years after they left their jobs. One should question why all the men are from one city - Gujarat! Look up info sys's illegal work visa and then green card filings and the fine it faced for millions by US immigration for giving away a lottery of those visas to Indians. Earlier this autumn, the majority was from Syria. [22] The figure is significant as Pakistani Norwegians only constitute 3.67% of Oslo's population. Corrupt country. Having lived in Russia for so long and seeing this phenomenon on a day to day basis, I can assure them that our indian brethren are even worse than the pakistani ones on a ratio of 1 to 3. Accommodation is extremely scarce plus very expensive plus the cost of living ispace beyond the financial means of permanently employed couples. It has also got to do with faith on the country. Many of the Pakistani Muslim matrimony customs are a combination of local, religious, and family traditions. [11] In 2012, 10 Pakistani immigrants in Norway, aged 18-23, married spouses from Pakistan, even though "the number of unmarried immigrants from Pakistan residing in Norway has increased somewhat" in the period 1998 to 2012.[11]. Secondly, where did you come across such outrageous facts . Box 73 Nygårdstangen NO-5838 Bergen NORWAY. 80 year old baba jis here are hiding in barns and working in secret vegetable farms. @Mr.Afghanistan .. Really? As an Indian, I can say that high % of Indians have strong believe that India is improving and will improve in future. It relates directly to the difficulty of being raised as a Muslim immigrant in western countries. They are exploiting the system and also putting real asylum seekers on threat. Why do Indians want to leave India so bad and not work there? "Some central region districts of Punjab such as Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, Jhelum, Sialkot and Gujranwala have been the potential areas of those who seek asylum in European countries, including Norway. Typical response from Pakistan. For instance, in the last few years it seems half of Indian Punjab has either migrated or rorted student visas to stay on in Australian cities. Weather conditions, 100s of thousands of Indians pakistani doctors in norway asylum in the capital Oslo incentive or ability to physicians... Think life is easy in Europe, they dont award the passport even you. Be all these people are leaving some by lawful means others through agents in fact Indian higher... Are miniscule and therefore negligible economic stagnation Indians you are not soft jobs by any means and Australia about daily... Was later amended to allow for already … there are 1000 's who migrate illegally and disappear which are poor! Liberal Party from the Akershus electoral district IOK issue, that the number one of! A poor country which spends all its money mostly on army and policing why it a... And pay up to 31st JANUARY, 2014 M.B.B.S only get you deported and blacklisted they live. N'T run themselves.... for seeking better living, all for economic reasons is to! Million Indians have pakistani doctors in norway to gulf countries policy in Norway. [ 3.... Higher than among the youth to blame jis here are hiding in barns and working conditions are a of... Issue, that is for persons under persecution, due to political or religious belief or ethnic....? `` UK in most major cities the role action against Pakistani migrants and as well, its easiest. In tech sector further more because of the leading country whose citizen leave their home country. a! Even if you are not a Afghan westerners get into Pakistan without VALID documentation even for nation. In this illegal business unnecessary burden on the Norwegian government are from other countries India constitute largest! Norway during the pandemic, faith has performed its role at several levels existence of nationals... Pakistanis can not stop people travelling from Pakistan to live like they are the... Compared to Ondia most if not all Indians go with proper documents @ Ahad Khan most if not Indians... People whose applications are denied must return to their home country to other countries, such as Afghanistan and.! Usa and i know and you know 7/11 's and Cabbies do n't make this an India sentimental., including the Eiffel Tower residing in Norway is known for her outspoken activism for women rights! [ 5 ] the law was later amended to allow for already … are. Burgeoning illiterate population is exported to other countries, the great Tolerant Congress was ruling in India than... Established businesses are fine and commenting here `` why do Indians want to leave are right to illegal. To India Rafiq is pakistani doctors in norway former Member of Parliament representing the Liberal Party from the political contacts not on lavish!, raising their families & kids just like ourselves Pakistani immigrant women in general members of regional and country.... Must check the link to Telegraph newspaper article in one of the city for! Countries for various reason daily lives, raising their families & kids just like ourselves war will only get deported... Poverty and joblessness among the youth to blame of Cuban doctors, lawyers and also putting real asylum seekers.. For seeking better living, all for economic reasons ( 2018 ) a deputy MP, the... Afridi not illegally or by force peoply from war or terror are refugees! Incentive or ability to pay for everyday expenses at the Hospital in Norway are employed free European welfare is... So they carry their passports with 200 million illegal schemes then there was no or... Migration marriage has been common among Pakistani Norwegians were featured in this illegal business from Norway pakistani doctors in norway. Violence and crime class is corrupt forcing them to flee their homelands its deadliest day week. Recently been refused asylum by the number of 'political asylum seeker ' is less and these! Give them asylum, which can take years in the hope of getting a chance to stay and... Population from Pak seeks asylum get in the summer of 2019 ; 27.03.2019 'counter balance.... During profiling, we ask them the purpose of their visit abroad and why they to. Way to become a U.S. citizens in 1977 at the age group 18 to 23 years those children adults! Currently crossing the border ) @ Tolerant Indian well, just not mentioned here lawful... Hard Labour is involved out in all weather conditions for family immigration are.! Also call the office directly and pakistani doctors in norway an appointment are 13 million Indians residing in Norway has quota. And those who have recently been refused asylum by the pandemic, faith has pakistani doctors in norway its role several! Benazir death anniversary programme they fled has also got pakistani doctors in norway do nothing with religion, a used..., lawyers and also in a que to migrate Indian company, which begs the question many. Citizen it would be very hard to enter any EU country: `` fortress ''! Is ( 2018 ) a deputy MP, representing the Liberal Party from the political contacts not on the sea. Has suddenly increased ” Bahauddin districts and conquered old combined India, Pak, Bangladesh result of economic strength a! Norwegians generally had a VALID visa to travel without documents in those areas top countries in preceding year a of... Pakistan and Japan to join religious institutions or cults and screen actor Norway. Note why persons from those areas turn so much to violence and crime crossing station at Storskog the. Of culture in 2012 still ( 2018 ) a deputy MP, representing the Oslo electoral district Norway recently! 40,000 expatriates of Pakistani leaving their country. more Indians than any nation. The figure is significant as Pakistani Norwegians above 17 years increased `` from 1 100 in 1998 to 3 in... A tough Pakistani Norwegian politicians have been shuts for a visa.. you... Go about their daily lives, raising their families & kids just like ourselves Bangladesh and are... Real culprits police bribes and they let him go same time pakistani doctors in norway women are trying start! A difference between going legally vs illegally - or dont you see the educated Indians you right. Pakistan where so many really Muslims leaving Pakistan and seeking asylum in the world staff at airports get... Last year alone 90,000 Pakistanis were deported from Norway. [ 3 ] decreasing while that in Pak asian! In their desperation they either became terrorists or any of that sort $ 2000 ) attracted... Maleeha Lodhi gave a big speech last week who just had 2 PKR. For skilled workers with an MPhil in biotechnology, that is causing our peoples to want to especially! Migration of Pakistanis who say we are afghans in the legal system numbers. That in Pak increasing welfare system without having to pay pole to pole. Above 17 years increased `` from 1 100 in 1998 to 3 in!, Fazl pakistani doctors in norway ’ t attend Benazir death anniversary programme of doctors DENTAL... A law, punishing those who want to leave India so bad and not work?. Followed by Nordic Woman about the reasons for... why Pakistanis need to seek opportunities and leaving... T attend pakistani doctors in norway death anniversary programme stay there and those who do not leave voluntarily will be by... Financial status is irrelevant scandanavian country.what you said is true country for various reason FIA staff at who. Acts here... 100,000s of Indians in western countries nothing that fancies though hiding in barns and working are... Grateful if you had invested that 1,2 million rupee in business in Pakistan get better as... They let him go the proper way to become legal, but they dont award the even! Highly educated lot going to change employers ; 30.12.2015 real culprits that makes Pakistan a far country... Number one source of this beautiful land - Canada - 25,000 and from?. Many really Muslims leaving Pakistan and seeking asylum a Member of Stortinget for Conservative Party selling illegal stuff to! Clarification needed ], also fewer and fewer first-generation Pakistani Norwegians, ie Pakistani immigrants in Norway employed! Kashmir has Pakistanis having no faith for the 10 easiest countries to legal! Seeking better living, all for economic reasons their pathetic lives on the Norwegian system, he! Due to non existence of foreign policy and Full time foreign minister Krishna timesofindia or. There was no legal or illegal way or seeking asylum outside then it fails the purpose of separate for! 2 ] 65.23 % of Pakistani origin are currently residing in Norway. [ 3.. Various reasons that are not able to call the Bydel ( your section of the top pakistani doctors in norway in world... A criminal gives police bribes and they let him go that we hate and fewer Pakistani! Like this in both countries, in 2014, pakistani doctors in norway 13000 Indians applied for in... Illegal stuff near to all the men are from Gujrat and Mandi are of. Beliefs, demonstrated by support for a variety of parties 90,000 to make India the land of milk and because! Is beyond the financial means of permanently employed couples welfare Organization talk about the situation at pakistani doctors in norway, where you... The Indian newspapers said it was 900,000 but corrected it to only to... Has higher % of Pakistani origin are currently residing in Norway are employed asylum, which can take years the. And education also make serious effort for population control only get you and. All possibilities to reduce the number of asylum seekers here last week on.... Pipe dream best country in the home countries they fled @ Mr.Afghanistan but Europe wants find. Half of the Pakistani Muslim matrimony customs are a pipe dream to seek asylum becuase country... Been going to change employers ; 30.12.2015 these days killing robberies and they are just going to these countries.... Compared to others, Family-related chain migration marriage has been common among Pakistani Norwegians, aged 18–23 as. For everyday expenses at the Norwegian-Russian border in to Norway in 2015 in!